Student must have the following equipment for CHL Classes

A state issued D.L. / I.D. or Military I.D.
Semi-Automatic or non Semi-Automatic handgun (revolver)
  -Must be at least .32 caliber
  -Must be in good working condition
  -Handguns are subject to inspection by instructor
  -No optical sights allowed (ex. Scopes, laser or holographic sights)
  -Handgun cannot have any modifications, which compromise the safety of the weapon
  -Revolver, cannot "push off" on single action
  -Must have a minimum of 50 rounds for each handgun, 100 rounds recommended
  -Quality ammunition - No reloaded ammunition or aluminum casing allowed
Protective Clothing
  -Ear protection (preferable over the ear type)
  -Eye protection (prescriptive eyewear is acceptable)
  -Hat is recommended (baseball cap that covers head)
  -Closed-toe-shoes (boots or athletic shoes)
  -Collared or tight neck shirt
Additional items for proficiency demonstration
  -Hand towel to lay your handgun and ammunition on during qualification


CHL Class Requirements

-A written examination will be given during classroom training
-A proficiency demonstration will be given at the range
-Students must score a minimum of 70% on the written examination and proficiency demonstration in order to pass the class
-Instructionss on handling handguns for the proficiency demonstation will be provided during classroom training
-Handgun must be stored in a closed carrying case/bag
-No holsters to be used during course of fire
-Please practice and zero in handgun prior to class
-Students must abide by all range safety
-No family members and guests are allowed in class, unless they are attending the

CHL Class Information:

  Cost $110  Duration: 4 hours
The  course is 4 hrs for course work, and additional time for range (approximately 1 hr)
Location:  Class - Krum TX / Range - Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds (15-20 min from Krum)
-Click on TX DPS link to complete your application and finger printing process
-Contact instructor for private student/group class
-Classes can be scheduled at private location of student/group choice by request
Renewal Information:  Process to be completed on TX DPS website.  No class is required. 
-We offer firearms training & refresher courses to aid in the renewal process.
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Finger Printing Process